The Burgos town of Villadiego, famous for the saying "catch or take those of Villadiego", is a conglomerate of art, culture and history that make it a must for anyone who comes to these lands west of Burgos.

Villadiego, was founded by Count Don Diego in the second half of the 9th century and is located west of the province of Burgos, in the plain of the Brullés river and the Jarama stream, just 38 kilometers from the capital of Burgos. Declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1994, it is a destination that surprises all who visit it for the first time, because it is not conceivable that in such a small space there is such a concentration of cul-ture.

Until the expulsion by the Catholic Monarchs, Villadiego was one of the most important Jewish nuclei in Castile. It is precisely from here that the popular saying "take or take those of Villadiego" can come from, in reference to the privileges that the Jewish community had. However, there are many other theories, such as the one that relates the proverb to the striking colored saddlebags that were sold in the munici-pality. Therefore "take those of Villadiego" meant to take the saddlebags to start the road.

Be that as it may, the history of Villadiego is linked to this saying, and makes the town a source of tradi-tion, culture and history. Its old town and its museums are a sample of all its heritage: natural, geological, historical, ethnographic and artistic, among many others.

Any visitor who comes to Villadiego will not only be able to soak up all the culture, history and tradition of the town, but will also enjoy all the services that the town has, the hospitality of its people and everything that this municipality it can offer.