The Burgos village of Villadiego, famous for the saying" "coger las de Villadiego" (to take the road to Villadiego, meaning to take off, to leave hurriedly, to escape) ; " is a mixture of art, culture and history that makes it a not-to-be-missed visit to all those touring the western section of the province of Burgos.

Villadiego, the village founded by the Count Don Diego in the second half of the 9th century, stands in the western part of the province of Burgos, on the course of the rivers Brulles and Jaramilla, just 38 kilometres away from the capital. Declared a Historic and Artistic Site in 1994, this town is a destination that surprises first-time visitors, since it is hard to believe that such a small place may contain so many cultural manifestations.

Until the Jews were expelled by the Reyes Católicos (Catholic Monarchs), Villadiego was one of the most important centres of the region. Probably that is how the popular saying came into being "aquí se cogen o se dan las de Villadiego" Another theory has to do with the colourful saddlebags that were sold in the village, so that the expression meant "taking the Villadiego saddlebags" before hitting the road.