Its name means ‘white town’ due to the whiteness of its horizon and the Alcores hills, surrounded by plains.

Situated in the Tierra de Campos region, archaeological excavations have revealed the presence of Pre-Roman settlements. It was a ‘royal’ town in the days of the unification of Castile and León, under the reign of Alphonse I in the 11th century. For many centuries it played host to kings and noblemen, Alphonse VIII would place it in the hands of Los Meneses. In 1352 Juan Alfonso de Alburquerque chose it as a resting place. In the 16th century the town belonged to the House of Castilnuovo, and it remained part of their dominions until 1752.

Today the magnificent castle reminds us of the town’s former splendour, together with the walled enclosure, symbols of its former beauty and strength.