Villardeciervos is defined by the beauty of its surroundings. It nestles at the foot of the Sierra de la Culebra mountain range, an important nature and hunting reserve, which extends beyond the Portuguese border in the Montesinos Nature Park.

The town earned its place in history due to an episode in the War of Independence in which the French were defeated, yet Villardeciervos really owes its development to smuggling. From 1850 onwards tobacco, cotton clothing and salt would be brought from Santander and smuggled over the border; a trade that brought prosperity to the town, enabling the local residents to build large attractive two and three storey homes.

The finest example of religious architecture in the town is the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, a simple Romanesque temple featuring a characteristic dome. The cemetery surrounds the church, creating a space between the group of low rise houses.

Villardeciervos has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest in the Historical Ensemble category in November 2020. The BIC declaration has taken into account the location of Villardeciervos in the natural area of the Sierra de la Culebra, of high ecological and cultural value, establishing a an ideal instrument for preserving the valuable relationship between the historic complex and the physical environment in which it is located, with an architecture characterized by adaptation to its physical environment, traditional uses and uses.