A town situated at a strategic ford where the River Odra joins the Brullés, creating a large expanse of fertile land in an area characterized by plains, valleys and countryside in the centre of the province of Burgos.

Villasandino, or ‘Town of the Seven Paths’, was founded in the 9th century. In the 13th century King Ferdinand III gave it to Mauricio, the Bishop of Burgos and a great patron of the town, who ordered a bridge to be built there. The town was surrounded by a wall, and the bridge was the only means of access.

The outskirts of the town are dotted with small local constructions: dovecotes, threshing sheds, mills and wine cellars dug out of the hillsides, lending a unique character to the surrounding landscape. The Pilgrims’ Hospital is a fine example of the typical limestone, brick and adobe constructions, and also boasts a magnificent Mudejar roof in its interior.