Visitors to Bercianos de Aliste should bear in mind that the events organized to commemorate Holy Week in this town of no more than 200 inhabitants are unlike any others.

The sole remaining brotherhood is that of the Santo Cristo de la Cruz (or Santísimo Entierro), which dates back many centuries. During this Holy Week, visitors will not see numerous images of great artistic value created by renowned sculptors or any spectacular processions. However, they will sense the tremendous sense of austerity and sentiment during this very special time for Christians, and an immense feeling of faith and a strong desire to recover and conserve ancient traditions.

General information

General information:
Castilla y León Tourist Interest
Viernes Santo


Bercianos de Aliste (San Vicente de la Cabeza). 49592 Zamora.


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Municipality of San Vicente de la Cabeza. Zamora.

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