Palencia is home to four of the oldest penitential fraternities of the Vieja Castilla (old Castile) from the Concilio de Trento (Council of Trent). For this reason and for the vitality of their Semana Santa (Holy Week), the festival has been declared international tourist sight.

The traditional rattles of the crowd are substituted in Palencia by the original tararú, which identify the stops and starts of the processions over the blast of the trumpet and the children's choir. Another event of popular tradition is La llamada de Hermanos (the brothers' call), which summons the fraternity members by blowing the cornet and banging on their doors with sticks during the nights of the Semana de Pasión, to keep in with the spirit of the religious celebration.

Semana Santa de Palencia 2024 - Concierto Bandas de Semana Santa
Semana Santa de Palencia 2024 - Concurso de Dibujo y Pintura
Semana Santa de Palencia 2024 - XXIX Concurso Nacional de Fotografía

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