"La Bajada del Ángel" (The Descent of the Angel) is a truly moving ceremony that takes place in the municipality of Peñafiel; a religious celebration filled with emotion, passion and culture symbolising the appearance of an angel before the Virgin Mary, announcing the resurrection of her son Jesus Christ, three days after his crucifixion.

A moving event which is followed by the pealing of the church bells and a firework display. The 17th century figure of the Virgin is brought out of the Church of Santa María onto the streets, preceded by a 16th century silver cross, local authorities, a band playing solemn music and the general public. The procession makes its way to Plaza del Coso, where the crowds eagerly await. There, between the two towers, an angel appears ’ really a small child who descends from a ’balloon’ which opens up. Emotions reach fever pitch as the Virgin’s black cape is removed, and the public applaud as Spain’s national anthem is played. Emotions run high as sorrow gives way to joy.

General information

General information:
National Tourist Interest
Semana Santa


Peñafiel. 47300 Valladolid.

Website: https://www.turismopenafiel.es/semana-santa.php

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