This convent was inaugurated in 1557 with a purist Renaissance style, and is attributed to Pedro de Tolosa and Pedro del Valle. It is built with stone and masonry and the building has the same characteristics of the convents of that time: church, courtyards, cloisters, cells, granaries and vegetable garden.

The church shows another façade of stone, classical model related to Serlio and similar to others works of the author aforementioned, Pedro de Tolosa. The temple is simple and large, with an only nave and three recessed vaults. The courtyard is square, with columns and capitals, all in granite stone.

It is still preserved, in the modern convent, the tomb of Ms Maria Davila, the first abbess of ‘Las Gordillas’, a remarkable work of Blasco de Zarza, XVI century.

Historical Data

Religious architecture
Monastery / Convent
Predominant styles:
Historical Period:
Early modern period


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