It was founded in 1547 by the humanist and first marquis of Las Navas and Lord of Villafranca Mr Pedro Davila and Zuñiga, of the Alcantara Order, and his wife Mrs. Maria Enriquez, for the Dominican order.

It was expelled by the expropriation of 1835. Its temple started in a late Gothic style, together plateresque. The church, of an only nave, of rectangular shape, is divided in five sections by Tuscan pilasters and half point barrel arches, with a slightly marked transept and polygonal main chapel with Corinthian columns of granite. The bodies of the founders, with the shield above, were buried. They are covered with half barrel vaults. In the middle sections is the choir, of which there are still remains of what was. It is a past that lives in the trace of its architecture.

Historical Data

Religious architecture
Monastery / Convent
Predominant styles:
Gothic, Classicism, Plateresque
Historical Period:
Early modern period


Las Navas del Marqués. 05230 Ávila.

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