In the 12th century, San Juan de Ortega (Juan de Quintanaortuño), a disciple of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, devoted himself to repairing the path for pilgrims and founded the monastery to provide accommodation for them in the Montes de Oca (De Oca mountains). He established a community of Canon Regulars and he is buried in the monastery, in a beautiful Romanesque tomb, to which Isabel la Católica added a mausoleum.

The equinoccial light phenomenon: twice a year, the light comes in trough the ogee of one of the windows and illuminates the Romanesque capital of La Anunciación (the Annunciation).

Datos Históricos

Arquitectura Religiosa
Monasterio / Convento
Estilos predominantes:
Románico, Gótico
Periodo Histórico:
Edad Media


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