In the 10th century Córdoba monks from Mazote founded the Monasterio de San Martín de ‘Castaneira’ or ‘Castiñeira’, using, according to findings and testimonies, the remains of another Visigoth construction. Its age of splendour is in the 12th century when they join the Cluny Order.

With the arrival of the Benedictine Reform to the Iberian Peninsula, it becomes part of the Cister Order and Pedro Cristino named abbott in 1150, carries out important work on the monastery. It is under the rule of the Cister Order that most of the building work on the church of the monastery (12th century) and other buildings is carried out.

Slate and granite are amongst the building material used. In the west façade there is a double arch and a Proto-Gothic rose window as well as a main doorway built in 1571. There is a representation of the patron saint, San Martín, sharing his cape with a beggar and the inscription of the old foundation.

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Pza de la Iglesia s/n. San Martín de Castañeda (Galende). Zamora.

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