Benedictine monastery erected in the 12th century in honour of its Abbot, Abad Domingo, who died in 1073. A temple similar to that of San Pedro de Arlanza was built in 1088 and was replaced by the present one, of Neoclassical style (1751-1792).

It is a crucial monument in the history of Romanesque art, being unique in Europe for the importance of the sculptures in its capitals, made up of animal and plant decorations, and the eight designs in the angle buttresses, all showing biblical themes: the Ascension, the Apparition of the Holy Spirit, the Burial and Resurrection, the Descent from the Cross, the Assumption of Mary and the Tree of Jesse.

The church, built using part of a Mozarabic temple from the 10th century, of which there are still remains, was replaced by the present one, of Neoclassical style, in the 18th century.

Historical Data

Religious architecture
Monastery / Convent
Predominant styles:
Historical Period:
Middle Ages


C/ Santo Domingo s/n. Santo Domingo de Silos. 09610 Burgos.

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