This convent of nuns of Santa Cruz was founded by Sister Maria de Santo Domingo, of the order of the Dominicans, in the XVI century. A convent with the classical typology of the religious group of buildings: church, cloister and rooms surrounding it.

At present, the remains of the cloister and arches, with Gothic base pillars and other elements of interest, besides the blazon of the Dominican order are preserved. The church was rebuilt in the XVII century, keeping on the façade the blazon of the Dukes of Alba. The façade was built in masonry, the interior with arches of Mudejar influence and others, the semicircular ones, were carved in stone. It is a restored group of buildings.

Historical Data

Religious architecture
Monastery / Convent
Predominant styles:
Gothic, Mudejar
Historical Period:
Early modern period


Aldeanueva de Santa Cruz. 05580 Ávila.

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