Fabero Mining Area is a Cultural Interest Asset in the Ethnological complex category.

The coal anthracite extraction system in Fabero Mining Area has allowed the integration of a great number of unique locations with a huge heritage interest. Those settlements are spread throughout the area of Fabero and its industrial centre. They define a high heritage value system and also an interesting example of the evolutionary development through the Industrial Heritage along the twentieth century in the region. Every spot has an obvious historic value because of the special features which are contained in the route: the underground galleries and wet mining, "castilletes" (a metallic structure in the shape of a tower) to the underground access, engine machines, the washing and sorting installations, the miner installations, administrative and management units, assistance and supply centre and road network to connect the transport process of the extracted material. Nowadays miner activities have disappeared and the old miner workers and their descendants are the keepers of the collective memory from the mining in the area. Inside the Fabero mining system, the following sites are included: Pozo Viejo, Pozo Julia, Mina Alicia y Mina Negrín, Poblado de Diego Pérez y Línea de Baldes e Itinerarios.


Fabero. León.