The woodland and the boulevard of Segovia is one of those places where you can enjoy a landscape of fairytale, colors, fantasy. Visiting the surroundings of Segovia is to explore one of the prettiest landscapes of Spain perhaps. Its numerous and surprising views are as dazzling as indescribable. Nature joins the most characteristic buildings, showing a beautiful combination, which can only be the result of a beautiful and picturesque natural landscape, a stunning woodland and poplar grove, close to the old town.

The Eresma and the Clamores provide together the water to so lush landscapes. There is nature at the foot of the Alcazar, accompanying the rock that holds it. It is woodland that at the bottom allows you to see the silhouette of the church of San Justo and El Salvador, or the cathedral and the Aqueduct. It is a city where among its natural environment stands out its architectural beauty. It is a place definitely unforgettable and unique.


Segovia. 40001 Segovia.