This building is part of the Archaeological-Industrial Cultural Heritage, and it is shown to us as an instrument of the way of life of an era based mainly on agriculture and livestock, around which another series of important artisan trades were generated, such as the blacksmith.

These types of buildings progressively ceased their activity towards the second half of the 20th century, and some of them have disappeared, but in the towns of the Pirón and Polendos region we can still see a large number of them, some restored, used for other purposes, but always exposed before our eyes, to be able to remember our past and the traditional trades of our elders with their knowledge, uses and customs that have been disappearing.

This communal forge is a stone building with a gabled roof with a wooden frame structure and covered with arabic tiles. It conserves the original traditional elements: containers, chimney, grinding wheel, two-horned anvil and forge bellows.

The forge is characterized by the fact that the hearth in which the metals are heated to forge them, to activate the flame of the fire in it, a horizontal current of air is always established by means of a bellows or another analogous device.


Calle Real de Abajo, 12. Brieva. 40180 Segovia.

Teléfono: 921 404 095

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Ayuntamiento of Brieva


Municipality of Brieva. Segovia.

Teléfono: 921 404 095

Tourist Office Provincial of Segovia


Calle San Francisco, 32. Segovia. Segovia.

Telephone: 921 462 906



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  • Every day: book visit in advance (visits by reservation by telephone to the town hall, Monday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Phone 921 404 095)



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