The Shearing House was built in the 16th century to strip the flocks of transhumant merino cattle of their wool fleece, although its structure was completely remodeled in the 18th century.

In 1997 it was declared a Site of Cultural Interest and today, it is the only shear that remains intact. It stands out not only for the size of the property, but for the multiple graffiti on the interior walls of one of its ships made by the shearers with the soul with which they marked the sheep.

It is currently the home of the Marqués de la Floresta and Vizconde de Ayala, although their spaces are also rented for filming, celebrating wedding events, cultural events or any other type of benefit to Segovia society.

Historical Data

Vernacular architecture
Historical Period:
Early modern period


Cabanillas del Monte (Torrecaballeros). 40160 Segovia.


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