It is a Gothic building from the late XIV and early XV, which has undergone many changes and additions in the XVII and XVIII centuries, into its current configuration. On the main façade, completed in 1655, are stone sculptures of St. Cosme and Damian, the saint doctor brothers, patrons of the village and the church, carved by Sebastian Lopez de Frias. This baroque façade was made by the masters Simon Cordero and Esteban Iturriaga.

At the chevet of the church excels the great altarpiece, of baroque style, carved in the XVIII century. Saints Cosme and Damian are situated in the main aisle, in a double niche, each with a raising hand and holding in the other the biretta. One also carries medical flask, alluding to his profession. Another altarpiece is of San Andres, conducted in mid-XVI century, probably by Simon de Bueras. The image of the saint reminds us of Moses by Michelangelo. In an apse chapel there is the plateresque altarpiece of the Virgin of the Rosary, one of the most interesting altarpieces of the church.

Historical Data

Religious architecture
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Middle Ages


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