Church built in the 12th century, of which it preserves outstanding Romanesque remains apart from additions from various periods.

Outside, the main portal shows Romanesque capitals on the door and plant-type decoration, including the biblical theme of Adam and Eve tempted by the serpent. In the shafts, attached human figures, with the typical attire of the time. Inside, on the floor, various tombs with coats of arms of prominent families of the town have been brought to light. You can also see a baptismal font from the 13th century with carved figures on the front, a baroque organ and various altarpieces from the beginning and end of modern times with devotional imagery, including the Virgen de las Victorias, to which they are dedicated. local festivities on September 8 and 9.

The transept and its polygonal head are Gothic and covered by star-shaped ribbed vaults.

Iglesia de Santa María del Azogue o Santa María la Mayor

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Plaza Mayor, s/n. Puebla de Sanabria. 49300 Zamora.

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