The church is undoubtedly the most important and valuable building in the town.

It is a church of late Romanesque origin, from the end of the 12th century or the beginning of the 13th, although with important transformations in the Gothic period, when the chancel was remodeled with the addition of an octagonal roof that is illuminated by a torn window. The temple, crowned by a beautiful belfry, is built with carved ashlars in the corners and reinforcement elements, while masonry was used in the rest. The access cover is of simple execution and is made up of a pointed arch and an archivolt. Two carved crosses stand out in it: one is the Maltese cross and the other has six arms. Once inside, we can see how the north side was reformed in the 17th and 18th centuries, enlarging the nave with semicircular arches.

As for sculpture, the capitals of the triumphal arch that separates the apse from the rest of the temple stand out, decorated among other reasons with images of the Apostles. At the foot of the church we can see on two shelves an Agnus Dei, the lamb of God, who is missing the cross. A small carving of the Virgin with the Child of possible late Romanesque chronology is also preserved.

The most valuable structure is that of the head, which must have been rebuilt around the year 1500. It shows a sumptuous eaves formed by a bristling cornice with a long string of balls. As a whole, this cantilever is the best elaborated of the various existing ones of its kind in the region. Adding more interest, supported by two corbels, embedded and protruding from one of the walls, we will see the sculpture of a kneeling ram, with a cross on its back. It is an old Romanesque antefix, relocated here. Inside, we will be surprised by the coffered ceiling of the presbytery, with certain Mudéjar details. The main altarpiece follows the forms of a restrained baroque, with columns of brilliant shafts with wavy grooves.

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Middle Ages


Sejas de Sanabria (Manzanal de los Infantes). 49317 Zamora.

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