At the entrance to the town of Chavaler stands the church of Santo Tomás, from the 18th century, built at the initiative of the Marquises of Villavicencio and Alcántara, nobles enriched by the livestock activity of this area, who also built a palace and a wool washhouse. , whose remains can still be seen on the river bank. The church thus constitutes a singular example of an aristocratic foundation in a rural environment.

On the outside, its façade stands out with neoclassical elements, a door with a semicircular arch framed by pilasters and a triangular pediment, on which the shield of the donor family is located. The interior has a single nave divided into three sections and covered with a barrel vault with lunettes. The transept is covered with a dome on pendentives. It has a small atrium at the entrance that supports the elevated choir and above it rises the bell tower.

Historical Data

Religious architecture
Predominant styles:
Historical Period:
Early modern period


Iglesia, 1. Chavaler (Garray). 42163 Soria.

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