Late-Gothic church with three naves separated by five very thick Doric columns and a polygonal apse end flanked by pillars with Gothic rose windows. Built between the 16th and 18th centuries.

The Main Altarpiece was built by Francisco Velázquez, with sculptures and paintings by Gregorio Fernández and Francisco Martínez, respectively.It consists of two sections brought together by an attic. The chapel is polygonal and contains bass-relieves and sculptures in several vertical lanes and spaces. The church also holds true works of art such as the Descent altarpiece, recently restored, the altarpiece of San Antón, by Diego de Acnique, or the reliquary altarpiece dating from the 18th century.

Historical Data

Religious architecture
Predominant styles:
Historical Period:
Early modern period


Rodríguez Chico, 1. Nava del Rey. 47500 Valladolid.

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