The hermitage of the Monjía is located in the town of Fuentetoba, 10 kilometers from the city of Soria, it is a beautiful enclave south of Pico Frentes and near the source of the Golmayo river.

The Monjía has its origin in a "pressura" in the Middle Ages, that is, a seizure or possession of no man's land with the authorization or permission of the King, in favor of the Benedictine Monks who came from Valvanera, in order to obtain pastures and meadows for livestock. In the Register of residents of Soria granted by King Alfonso X, in the year 1270, there was already evidence of its existence.

In 1861, the Academician D. Eduardo Saavedra, refers to the chapel of the Monastery as the oldest monument of the Middle Ages in Soria. Later, in the 16th century, it was fortified by the Counts of Castejón to whose ownership it passed.

The Monastery is made up of a ground floor for the guards 'housing and a grain store, and the upper floor for the monks' accommodation.

The chapel, from the 11th century, has a portal formed by three concentric semicircular arches, without work or moldings on the archivolts and conical capitals, a style that is repeated in the capitals of the pointed arch of the apse. The chapel is dedicated to the Virgin of Our Lady of Valvanera, highly venerated by the residents of the area.

Historical Data

Religious architecture
Historical Period:
Middle Ages


Fuentetoba (Golmayo). 42190 Soria.

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