In Requejo is the beautiful hermitage of the Virgin of Guadalupe, open to the local main square. It has a noble baroque façade finished off with a belfry decorated with columns. Apparently this oratory was founded in 1747 by the Indian José Sánchez Cornejo. Now on its altar the patron saint of Extremadura is venerated above all, in a copy image originally made by a Hieronymite friar named José de Santiago, a native of Rianxo. Such a figure was left there by the frigate lieutenant Juan Vicente Yáñez at the end of the 18th century. The rianxeiro friar José de Santiago moved from the monastery of Guadalupe in Cáceres two replicas of the virgin in cardboard, one of them ended up in the town of Sanabresa. Local tradition pointed to a muleteer who was stranded with his cavalry, a fact that was interpreted as the obligation to build a temple in honor of the Virgin. The current image of Requejo is not the original, since it was destroyed in the Civil War.

In addition, it is noteworthy that the Camino de Santiago Sanabrés passes through this town.

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Religious architecture
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Early modern period


Requejo. 49394 Zamora.

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