Also known as the Catedral de San Pedro, of the 16th century, with an 18th-century tower and a front by Gil de Hontañón. The main altarpiece of San Pedro and San Roque, by Domingo de Amberes, and the pulpit by Martín de Ochoa are worth a visit.

It rises like a watchtower in the middle of the village. The current building is the result of the sum of three periods of construction, the first dating back to the end of the XIII century of which two lateral chapels are preserved. In the XVI century, began the expansion of the early church in the form of a Latin cross. It is the work of the architect Juan de Vallejo, built in masonry and Isabelline Gothic style. The previous phase is completed with the construction of the current tower, similar to the one of the hospital of the King in Burgos, and moved in the year 1774 of the Gothic portal (probably by Gil de Ontañon), to the right side where it is currently.

The main altarpiece was executed by the renowned sculptor Domingo de Amberes between 1552 and 1558. It is a beautiful classic ensemble in which stands out the central aisle with the tabernacle, the image of San Pedro ex cathedra, the Asuncion and, finally, the Calvary. Another of his works is the altar of San Roque. It also stands out the lateral altarpiece of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, work thoroughly rococo by Fernando Gonzalez de Lara.

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