The Laguna de Contreras Fortification Palace, which stands on the right bank of the La Hoz stream, constitutes an important cultural heritage asset as a Cistercian palace-fortress from the 13th century, the only example of Cistercian-style civil architecture in the province of Segovia . In 1623 the title of Viscount of Laguna de Contreras is already recorded, which has given rise to its current name.

It is a complex made up of the remains of a fortress and a chapel, originally surrounded by a masonry and rammed earth fence with a rectangular floor plan that is now almost gone. In the 18th century, the church dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady was built, which is not part of the fortress but is located nearby.

At present, this complex, which has been the subject of various interventions to adapt it to residential use with private homes, is highly modified. The entrance door opens through a lowered arch, the result of a 16th century reform. To the right stands out the square apse of the church. Among the unique buildings that make up this complex, the old church that is now known as the Capilla de las Ánimas stands out, of which only the apse and the start of the side walls remain.

For its part, the Casona de los Contreras extends along a good part of the southern wall. The wall was used to its full height. It consists of two floors, the ground floor made of masonry and the upper floor made of rammed earth. On the ground floor some windows and a door have been opened. The façade towards the interior of the enclosure was completely lifted in the 17th century.


Laguna de Contreras. Segovia.

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