Neoclassical palace begun in 1779 by Ventura Rodríguez. Work was carried out, however, by his team: Mateo Guill, Ignacio and Domingo Tomás and Alfonso Regalado Rodríguez.

It presents a sober and ordered character where the portico stands out by its monumentality.

Palace of the Mosquera, also known as Palace of the Infante M. Luis de Borbon. It was built by the Infante M. Luis Antonio de Borbon y Farnesio, sixth son of Felipe V and brother of Carlos III who, banished from the Court after a morganatic marriage with Maria Teresa Vallabriga, moved his residence in the Palace of Boadilla del Monte in Madrid to the town of Arenas de San Pedro.

Historical Data

Civil engineering
Predominant styles:
Historical Period:
Late modern period


Camino de la Mosquera. Arenas de San Pedro. 05400 Ávila.

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