Classical palace with mannerist influences. Built in 1576 by canon Francisco Pereira de Anaya.

The facade has two sections separated by cornices and crowned by a trabeated gallery supported by planks. There are straight and bent pediments decorating the openings on the second floor. On one of the edges of the facade there is a tower, which has the same top as the gallery of the main part. One of the most original elements is the staircase connecting the upper and lower galleries, located at one end of the facade behind the tower. The semi square casing leads into the courtyard via a large trabeated opening.

Palacio de Orellana/ Marqués de la Conquista/ Marqués de la Albaida

Historical Data

Civil engineering
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Early modern period


Pza. de Colón, 24. Salamanca. 37001 Salamanca.

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