The building is made of masonry, it has a square ground plan with turrets in the angles and is surrounded by a moat. An important coat of arms (that of the Guzmanes) stands above one of the access gates.

It was built in the 14th century by Juan Ramírez de Guzmán, the mayor of León. The first documents mentioning the castle date from 1393 and the coats of arms standing above the gate were sculpted by Pedro Núñez de Guzmán and his wife Elvira de Bazán. Now, the castle houses the Museo del Botijo (Drinking Jug museum).

Datos Históricos

Arquitectura Civil
Periodo Histórico:
Edad Media, Edad Moderna


Pza. Sol Grande, s/n. Toral de los Guzmanes. 24237 León.

Teléfono: 987 760 147 / 987 760 003

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Ayuntamiento of Toral de los Guzmanes


Municipality of Toral de los Guzmanes. León.

Teléfono: 987 760 003


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