In the town of Puente Arenas, along the Ebro River, we find ‘La Casona’. We must remember the cultural background that exudes from the Middle Ages in these lands. In these places, besides their churches, some manors, houses usually belonging to people who had done some task or work for the government or the church stand out.

In the case of ‘La Casona’ according to Huidobro and G.S. de Baranda, was the entailed estate where Mr. Alejandro de Gandia lived. As its name suggests it is a large and sober house, with walls of solid stone masonry. A unique shield embraced by a laurel crown stands out in outside. It has a ‘Victor’ painted reflecting the feelings of their owners, anagram flanked by a sword and a palm, which may correspond with anyone connected with the Church.

Historical Data

Civil engineering
Manson House
Historical Period:
Early modern period


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