The Museum is located in the building of the Villagonzalo Pedernales Town Hall. The museum has approximately 400 m2 in which it houses a minimalist pond, some 60 bonsai and a large number of suisekis (Japanese name for "looking stones", stones that suggest landscapes or that have some kind of static or philosophical interest) and kusamonos. It is equipped with different spaces that allow all the needs of the museum and the different functions that are carried out in it:

  • Exhibition hall: the entire enclosure that is outdoors, houses permanent and temporary exhibitions, approximately 50 trees and an undetermined number of Suiseki, kusamono and Ikebana.

  • Greenhouse room and workshops: this is an area that also has an exhibition character since it is closed and thermally conditioned, to house the most sensitive specimens, and an open annex space that is also used for activities of conservation or recovery of the collection, transplants, clamping, etc.

  • Didactic workshop area: a multipurpose room in the Town Hall, attached to the museum, dedicated to various activities such as courses, meetings, meetings and demonstrations in addition to its own as a center for interpretation and dissemination of science and technique of Bonsai.


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