Ethnographic Museum that shows the basic way of life in Candelario in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The setting of this pork house is achieved by using original furniture and equipment donated by the neighbors and which have been used in the daily life of this town.

In musealization, the protagonism of the objects themselves prevails, in such a way that the information provided by complementary exhibition panels or modules is perfectly integrated in the different environments to avoid the rupture of the museological discourse. The spatial division of the house for the sake of functionality allows us to thematize different aspects of daily life, thus offering the visitor the keys to understanding the Casa Chacinera integrated into a visit that will be characterized by the absence of abrupt cuts.

The musealization also includes a theatrical performance that makes it easier for the visitor to take the precise leap in time and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the massacre in Candelario around 1920, so that they understand much better the different objects that surround them and, ultimately, their own Museum.


C/ Perales, 3. Candelario. Salamanca.

Teléfono: 695 563 491


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