With the Interpretation Center of the Antruejo in Llamas de la Ribera "GUIMA", it is intended to create a relationship between the cultural heritage of the municipality and the visitor, promoting the history, traditions and customs of a town.

This space offers a global vision of the Antruejo festival in the municipality of Llamas de la Ribera, from its most remote origins to the present day, with extensive documentary and photographic support.

It should also be noted that the permanent exhibition has more than 200 pieces, with unique and original elements (masks, masks, silk ribbons, sandals...) dating from 1878. In addition, it is of special interest, within the sample, the section dedicated to the 30 years of the Cultural Association "GUIRRIOS Y MADAMAS. LLAMAS DE LA RIBERA", as well as an area dedicated to the little ones.

The GUIMA's main objective is to stimulate the socio-cultural activity of the municipality, relying on the Antruejo, its greatest claim.


Avenida Principal, 115 (Edificio Municipal de Usos Múltiples). Llamas de la Ribera. 24271 León.

Telephone: 610 677 473

Email: guirriosymadamas@gmail.com

Website: https://guirriosymadamas.org/

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Ayuntamiento of Llamas de la Ribera


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Oficina de Turismo Regional of León


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Opening hours

  • Every day: book visit in advance (Closed Sunday in Antruejo.)



Remarks: In all cases, visits must be arranged in advance, by appointment in the contact media: 610 677 473 - guirriosymadamas@gmail.com. Confirmation of the visit will always be communicated in writing. Guided tours must be arranged in advance.

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