In the Interpretation Center of Villa de Lerma its history is shown; Their monuments; outstanding characters, traditions and culture, with special attention to the seventeenth century and the Baroque parties organized by the Duke of Lerma for the court of Philip III: clothing, cuisine, military and religious life, etc ...

All information is obtained through information panels, models and rigorous reproductions of costumes of the s. XVII used by recreational groups, both Tercios and the Napoleonic stage. Portraits, watercolors, well and even a winery take you back to a time when the world ruled from the Villa ducal de Lerma.

Access through the Tourist Office.


C/ Audiencia, 6,. Lerma. 09340 Burgos.

Telephone: 947 177 002


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Oficina de Turismo Regional of Burgos


Pza. Alonso Martínez, 7. Burgos. 09003 Burgos.

Teléfono: 947 203 125

Fax: 947 276 529


Tourist Office of Lerma


C/ Audiencia, 6. Lerma. 09340 Burgos.

Telephone: 947 177 002 / 947 177 002



Opening hours

  • Tuesday to saturday: 10 – 13:45 and 16 – 19
  • Sunday: 10 – 13:45
  • Closed: monday
  • Closed in the afternoon: sunday


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