Recalls and celebrates the Castilian roots of the liberator of the Argentine Republic. House where Capitán D. Juan de San Martín Gómez was born, house of the San Martín family and now a museum.

Constructed with adobe, adobe walls and wooden pillars joined to the mud framework, carried out by using construction techniques documented in the eighth century AD. The house is constructed following the traditional typology of the rural farmhouse. There are two central areas: the house and the animal quarters.


C/ Solana, 27. Cervatos de la Cueza. 34309 Palencia.

Teléfono: 979 883 006 / 638 395 050

Fax: 979 883 006


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Ayuntamiento of Cervatos de la Cueza


Municipality of Cervatos de la Cueza. Palencia.

Teléfono: 979 883 006


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Tourist Office Regional of Palencia


C/ Mayor, 31. Palencia. 34001 Palencia.

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