Located in the Hospital de Nuestra Señora de la Clemencia, on the first floor, inaugurated in June 2011, there is a museum collection donated by the Provincial College of Palencia and by Sacyl, with whom they signed two Collaboration Agreements. This exhibition has been achieved thanks to the efforts of the Medical College of Palencia and the Ampudia City Council.

This exhibition aims to show the path traveled by Western medicine from practically its origins, until the mid-19th century and the 50s of the 20th century (seed of this collection).

Through panels and with the support of different photographs, a journey through the history of medicine from its origins is made.

Next, we see a medical consultation office from the 20th century, borders, diplomas, books, photographs and different medical materials such as an X-ray device, dentistry, ophthalmology, surgical, obstetrics, gynecology, rehabilitation, otorhinolaryngology and urology, among others.


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