This exhibition center of ROM, Romanesque and Territory, is located in the sacristy and in the church of the monastery of Santa Maria la Real. It opened in 2006, after two years of hard work. The museum explains the daily life of a medieval village.


Monasterio de Santa María la Real. Carretera de Cervera, s/n. Aguilar de Campoo. 34800 Palencia.

Teléfono: 979 123 053


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Tourist Office of Aguilar de Campoo


Paseo Cascajera,10. Aguilar de Campoo. 34800 Palencia.

Telephone: 979 123 641

Fax: 979 125 710

Tourist Office Regional of Palencia


C/ Mayor, 31. Palencia. 34001 Palencia.

Telephone: 979 706 523

Fax: 979 706 525


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