One of the most important pieces that this museum houses are 29 Spanish-Flemish tables from the 15th century, they belonged to the main altarpiece of Santa María del Castillo from where they were stolen in 1980, when they were recovered a year later, the chapel is enabled of the Church of San Pedro as a museum, this is where they have been found since then along with other valuable pieces, such as the paten, the protagonist of the miracle of the town of Frómista.


Located in the Church of San Pedro in Frómista. Gothic building that began in the fifteenth century and whose construction lasts over different centuries, as can be seen in the gradual complication of the ribs of its vault, to conclude in the Renaissance period, a style to which the incomplete portal of the building consisting of a second body that was not built. In the presbytery is the main altarpiece from the seventeenth century designed by Francisco Tejo, in the nave of the gospel is located the Santiago, from the fifteenth century of international Gothic.


Avda. Ejército Español, 1. Frómista. 34440 Palencia.

Telephone: 672 146 994

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