The Puppet House shows the puppet tradition as a theatrical art that is present in numerous cultures around the world.

It brings together one of the most complete existing collections in which you can see a great variety of puppets from the five continents: giant and tiny, ancient and modern, professional and toy.

To the puppets are added many other objects related to them: theaters, paper cutouts, books, posters ...

The Puppet House is directed by Miguel Ángel Ordóñez, creator of the company of the same name in 1979. They carry out the following activities:

  • Guided tours for schoolchildren and groups
  • Assembly and production of shows
  • Construction of masks, giants and big heads
  • Workshops for children, youth and adults
  • Puppet Theater Library


C/ Santa María, s/n. Paredes de Nava. 34300 Palencia.

Telephone: 646 821 712


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