Soria is home to some of Castilla y León’s most breathtaking sights and privileged natural settings that include magnificent pine forests, reservoirs and lagoons and remote sites that still bear the traces of the dinosaurs. This route reveals many of its Pre-Roman remains, as well as castles, walls and monasteries, chapels and churches that blend in perfectly with the natural setting.

Soria is inextricably linked to Antonio Machado, Bécquer, Gerardo Diego and Unamuno who all sang the praises of these lands, and whose literary works are filled with references to the idiosyncrasy of the people of Soria, who welcome visitors and encourage them to discover the provinces many delights.

This route includes the following sites of interest: the Church of San Juan de Rabanera, the Concathedral of San Pedro, the Palace of the Counts of Gomara, the Numantia Museum, the Numantia Archaeological Site, the Monastery of San Juan de Duero, the Monastery of San Polo, the Chapel of San Saturio, or the archaeological sites of Tiermes and Uxama.