The towns and villages nestling in the Amblés Valley are dotted around the lands that surround Ávila’s provincial capital, inviting visitors to explore this area crossed by the River Adaja and scattered with woods and meadows that gradually lead up to the Ávila Mountain Range. There the rocky outcrops stand out against the lush green tones of the natural landscapes.

Both the Amblés Valley and Ávila Mountain Range are the site of castles, chapels, churches and archaeological sites, revealing the rich built and environmental heritage of these lands.

This route includes the following sites of interest: the Church of La Serrada, Villaviciosa Castle, Ulaca, the Roman ruins of Niharra, Aunqueospese Castle, Villatoro Church and Castle, Mesa de Miranda and Los Castillejos fortified settlements, the Chapel of Rihondo on Benitos, El Lomo Cross in Barco de Ávila, the Chapel of La Virgen de las Fuentes in San Juan del Olmo, the Church of Ojos Albos and Mingubela Crag.