Los Argüellos is an example of a Cantabrian mountain ecosystem, in which the scant resources available have been put to wise use by the local population for many centuries, shaping a unique landscape.

Hiking is a great way of enjoying and conserving its natural and ethnographic values which are practically unexploited, and there is much to explore and discover. Valporquero Cave is a fine example of the underground formations that are typical of karst landforms.


Statement date: 6/29/2005

Category: Biosphere Reserve (33,260 ha.)

Location: Norte de la Provincia de León, limitando con Asturias.

Municipalities in the province of León:
  • Cármenes,
  • Valdelugueros,
  • Vegacervera

Population: 1.274 habitantes.

Region / Province biogeographical: Eurosiberiana / Atlántica Europea.


Natural Espace

Hoces de Vegacervera

Lying in the north of the province of León, notable features of this landscape include the upper valley of the River Torio, and the rock erosion caused by the action of the river, creating a gorge with[...]

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