Babia stands out for the serenity that pervades its valleys and mountains, clad in seemingly endless pasturelands, the tranquillity surrounding the source of the rivers Luna and Sil, and the vast expanse of horizon dotted with snow-capped peaks. This is a landscape boasting a magnificent environmental heritage that has been shaped by humans over the centuries.

This land is where the well-known expression "estar en Babia" comes from (the Spanish equivalent of ‘having your head in the clouds’), which throughout the Spanish-speaking world is used to refer to a person who is distracted and apparently unaware of what is going on.


Statement date: 10/29/2004

Category: Biosphere Reserve (38,146 ha.)

Location: Provincia de León. Comunidad Autónoma de Castilla y León

Municipalities in the province of León:
  • Cabrillanes,
  • San Emiliano

Population: 1.569 habitantes

Managers: Consorcio para la Gestión y Administración de la Reserva de la Biosfera de Babia

Address: Ctra. León, 17. 24142 Cabrillanes (León).


Phone: 987 488 831

Other protection:

  • Parque Natural Valles de Babia y Luna.
  • Lugar de Importancia Comunitaria.
  • Zona de Especial Conservación para las Aves.

Region / Province biogeographical: Eurosiberiana / Atlántica Europea


Natural Espace

Valleys of Babia and Luna

Under the shadow of the rock faces of Peña Ubiña (2,417 metres) lies the rough mountainous landscape of the Valle de San Emiliano.

Situated in between the Leonese valleys of Babia and Luna, on the border[...]

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