The Livestock of El Pilar is located in the Salamanca town of Tejeda and Segoyuela, in the northern part of the Sierra Mayor, which in turn is part of the mountain range of the Sierra de Francia. The farm, in addition to making it possible to enjoy the brave bull in its habitat, allows you to contemplate the magnificent landscape beauty of these summits. It is also an ideal opportunity to get to know some of the monuments that this mountain municipality keeps, such as the Convent of San Antonio and the Tejeda castle, from the 15th century, and from which you can see the remains of the great tower and the fortified enclosure.

This farm offers an opportunity to lovers of the brave bull to see in first person the imposing beauty of the fighting bull in its natural environment. A way to enjoy an unforgettable day in the pastures of Campo Charro, in one of the most successful farms in the last decade and living the experience of admiring different scenes from the life of the brave bull, with a rustic tour among the cows, calves , steers and bulls. A way to get closer to the life of these impressive animals and their wonderful environment.

Visits from 1 person are accepted. They have a catering service and a grocery store. It is open all year.


La finca "El Puerto de la Calderilla". Tejeda (Tejeda y Segoyuela). 37600 Salamanca.

Telephone: 616 407 220 / 616 990 701