The "Puerto de la Calderilla" farm is located in a privileged natural environment, between the Sierra de Francia and the Sierra de las Quilamas. One side of the farm is dominated by Pico Cervero, next to the town of Linares de Riofrío. On the other side, the Peña de Francia, the magic mountain of the area, looms.

Between Linares and La Alberca, the town of Tamames (where you can taste the traditional stew) is located, which leads to the Puerto de la Calderilla farm, where the cattle of the famous Puerto de San Lorenzo livestock graze on a wide area. The place name itself reflects the geography of this special place: meadows and fences of ash and oak trees open up to peaks and mountains, so that the small port that gives its name to the meadow connects the vastness of Campo Charro with the mystery of the Sierra.

The entire livestock team is thoroughly involved in each of the visits, so that tourists can be part of the day to day. The same ranchers, together with the mayoral, show in a practical way the daily management of wild cattle.

Visits from 2 people. Possibility of enjoying dinners, snacks and lunches. They have a groping place. Open all year.


La Finca "Puerto de la Calderilla". Tejeda (Tejeda y Segoyuela). 37600 Salamanca.

Telephone: 654 512 202 / 669 810 983 / 923 216 494 / 670 449 040 (Representante)

Fax: 923 449 040