La Dehesa Tabera de Arriba, is within the municipality of Tabera de Abajo, a small town located west of Salamanca, in the Campo Charro.

The buildings of the estate are mainly divided into four blocks: the grocery plaza that has one of the most beautiful boxes seen in these buildings with 4 authentic Romanesque columns coming from the ruins of a historic building and a wide alley, something also rare in the groping squares of the stud farms.

Further on is the Cortijo, recently restored perfectly conditioned with all the comforts of modern times. There are several rooms decorated with purely bullfighting and country motifs with different capacities to accommodate up to 1000 people, as well as a bar, cellar and own kitchen.

These facilities are prepared to host all kinds of celebrations, be it congresses, company meetings, weddings, country parties or any other type of social event. And finally the chapel, a beautiful construction that dates back to the 13th century and is dedicated to Santiago Peregrino, since the road that goes to Santiago from Portugal is in the same place, therefore it is within the Jacobean Route.

In the upper part of the estate, surrounded by green gardens, is the palace built in the middle of the last century, which stands out for its stone masonry and Villamayor arches.

Services: Visits to the livestock from 20 people. Celebrations of seminars, congresses, weddings and other events. Possibility of holding lunches, lunches and dinners. They have a groping place. They have a chapel for weddings. Open all year.


Finca Tabera de Arriba. Tabera de Abajo. 37130 Salamanca.

Telephone: 689 081 562 / 651 567 614