The Valverde family has been linked to the countryside, livestock and horse riding for five generations. "Valverde de Gonzaliañez" is located a few minutes from Salamanca, in the heart of Campo Charro.

Places without spectacular orographic reliefs follow one another in a harmonious succession of gently rolling terrain where the brilliant reflection of a stream or pond stands out.

This farm offers a wide variety of entertainment possibilities as well as the organization of events: capeas, tentaderos, country parties, etc. In addition, it is specialized in horse riding, making it a good place to take a horse ride and enjoy the observation of the figure of the brave bull on the back of this beautiful animal.

The farm also has a Bullfighting Museum and a large house belonging to the Duchy of Alba dating from the year 1470. Not surprisingly, the farm is in the Land of Alba, so it is also a good opportunity to get to know this town.

The Valverde Brothers also organize interactive visits to the Iberian pig farm. The farm has a factory and a sausage shop. Visits from 1 person. Seminars and congresses celebrations. Horseback riding is possible. They have a groping place. Open all year.


Finca "Valverde Gonzaliáñez" Horcajo Medianero. Ctra. Alba-Piedrahíta (C-510) Km. 35,200. Horcajo Medianero. 37862 Salamanca.

Telephone: 625 196 827 / 615 497 194 / 923 151 416