The bull raised by Antonio Palla (Juan Pedro Domecq y Díez caste, via Jandilla), is of harmonious proportions. The cattle ranch is made up of 500 heads of cattle that share a habitat with the Iberian pig, which is also exploited by the rancher in the montanera regime.

The incomparable location of the farm, along with the historic complex of Villa de Ledesma and the Natural Park of Las Arribes del Duero, make this livestock an unbeatable place for those travelers who want to complete a historical trip through the city of Salamanca with tranquility of the charro field.

The Livestock makes available to visitors a fascinating experience offering the opportunity to enjoy and contemplate the imposing beauty of the bull in its natural habitat, as well as to learn about the characteristics of this breed and its breeding and selection by the ranchers themselves.

Likewise, the characteristic facilities of a brave livestock are shown, such as the plaza de tientas, the corrals, the pig pens and the doll, among others.

Visits from two people (from Thursday to Sunday and holidays). Seminars and congresses celebrations. They have a grocery store and a catering and banquet service with local products.


Campo de Ledesma. Ctra. De Trabanca-Ledesma. Moscosa (Villaseco de los Reyes). Salamanca.

Telephone: 630 046 856 / 609 215 876