Located 20 km from Salamanca, in the municipality of San Pedro de Rozados, is the pasture of "Barcial" where the livestock of the same name grazes. The Barcial bull is a unique and different bull that the Cobaleda family has known how to care for and maintain for almost a hundred years. During a guided tour through the fences that make up the farm, you can learn about the history of the "Vega Villar" casting, and see how our bulls and steers are raised in the traditional way, without covers and in large spaces. It offers the possibility for our visitors to complete the field day, attending a tentadero at the "La Matilla" farm, and they can also enjoy a lunch tasting Iberian cold cuts, grilled oak meats and traditional Salamanca cuisine.

Visits from 1 person. Possibility of enjoying snacks and lunches. They have a groping place. Open all year.


San Pedro de Rozados. San Pedro de Rozados. 37183 Salamanca.

Telephone: 607 230 486

Website: https://www.facebook.com/patasblancasdeBarcial/