The farm "El Vecino", located in Calzada de Don Diego, 20 km. de Salamanca, has an extension of 350 hectares. It grazes part of the herd, the litter of bulls, utreros, broods and yearlings, and they perform the work of tentaderos as well as the monitoring of the bulls and utreros of sacks.

This farm breeds bulls that are characterized by having size, box and trapío, what experts call "good faces".

In addition to enjoying the guided tour through the different fences, thus being able to closely observe the cows, yearlings, bulls and bulls, the farm has a grocery store where the resistance and bravery of the horns is measured. A tasting of local products of the land, among which there is no shortage of Iberian sausages of own production, is a good way to conclude or take a break during the day.

The El Vecino farm shares the exploitation of fighting cattle with a lamb and Iberian pig farm, making it a unique opportunity to learn about the breeding of other types of livestock.

Visits from 10 people. Possibility of enjoying dinners, snacks and lunches. They have a groping place. Open only weekends.


Calzada de Don Diego. Salamanca.

Telephone: 923 238 185 / 606 434 515 / 606 434 516